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ASCE Texas Section President

Audra N. Morse PhD, PE
President 2015-2016


Summertime. 4th of July holiday. Road trips. Vacations. In this time of year, many families are hoping in their cars or taking planes to visit family members, attend reunions or just have some time away.  The excitement of the impending trip means route planning, supply gathering and hotel booking  In my house, I’m packing and rechecking to make sure I didn’t forget anything. I rethink the packing to cover any unplanned weather or travel events to ensure we are covered for rain, sun, hot, cold and “hangry” episodes (Does anyone else have kids (or yourself) that get angry when they get hungry?). Then the moment arrives. It is time to go. Gas in the car? Check  Travel entertainment? Check. Water and snacks? Tires properly inflated and spare in the back? Check. Kids? Check! And off we go!!!!!

Of course with travel can come delays.  My mood is dampened upon seeing the orange road construction signs…road crews ahead, merge into one lane, be prepared to stop…all signs that we will take a little longer to get to a potty, an immediate necessity for my 6-year-old, or may not be able to keep your desired itinerary that is already behind.

However, that was the old me.  The new me is going to sit back and relax (hey you have to have a goal) and count the blessing the road work and construction stands for. Road construction means that someone cares about our infrastructure. This means that the public has voted to expand or improve the infrastructure by providing funding. The roadwork means the politicians and government entities have allocated the funding to where it is needed. Maybe even more importantly, it means the public and the politicians have been listening to our cries to update our road systems. ASCE works diligently, even when we are not thinking about it, to fight for infrastructure funding. ASCE advocacy and Get Out The Vote campaigns are working. For those people on these roads either daily or periodically, it means safer and more efficient travel. Less wear and tear on the cars traveling on these roads.  Of course the roadwork means jobs for civil engineers and the those who support the design and construction of our roadways and supporting infrastructure. Road construction means safety, economic health and jobs. So the next time I am experiencing those unexpected delays due to construction on my holiday trip, I will be sure to say thanks for serving our country by making the roads easier to travel. I hope you will too!

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